About us

Om os

We are a Danish-owned company, and has since 1967 delivered solutions within plastic card and plastic card production, software solutions and operation of data centers. We have our own import and delivers directly to corporate clients and public sectors. For more information please visit our main webpage nordano.com .

Business concept

Our mission is to provide complete solutions that are individually tailored to each customer, thereby improving quality and efficiency solution. Through our broad range of products, we have a solution that suits all types of businesses, the public sector and associations. We are a trading-/ service-/IT-company which aims to provide products and services across industries. At the same time, all our products/services of the highest quality. Our staff and management must also have a high degree of ethics and morality in all aspects of daily life. We have solutions for particular postal workflows, finishing paper, plastic card production, software solutions and operation of data centers.


Our objective is to develop our solutions in cooperation with our producers and customers to meet future requirements. At the same time our goal is to be the market leader in our areas.


Our vision is to adapt our business to the latest technologies and implement them in our products/services.

Environmental Policy

Our goal throughout the enterprise that protect people and nature through our environmental policy. This is done including through recycling and waste separation. In connection with the example. our packing is always used recycled cardboard boxes. At the same time, we look much on our suppliers and partners and try to work with them to minimize any environmental impacts in their areas / products that are used / provided by us. We always try to bring the environment into our decisions. We can also take back used and discarded machinery, which are supplied by us. These machines will be separated and sorted in terms of our environmental policy. At the same time, our suppliers replaced components in these products, almost all manufactured products comply with the RoHS Directive. All our franking machines and plastic card printers after already live throughout the RoHS Directive. We are registered WEEE system "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment" and comply with the relevant environmental legislation in Denmark and the EU.