300W Digital Flashlight

300W Digital Flashlight. Very precise professional Study Flashlight for portrait photography.
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300W Digital Flashlight.

Power: 300 watts
Guidance: 58
Model light: 150 watts, 220V cylindrical bulb, E27 socket
Digital stepwise control down to 1/128 - 80 steps - Covers 8 glare steps
Recycle time: 0.5 - 1.5 sec.
Buzzer - can be interrupted
Model light 100%, proportional, or interrupted
Test button
Slave function - photocell and infrared - can be interrupted
Color temperature 5400 Kelvin +/- 200
Aluminum cabinet
S-type socket with snap lock - Bowens type
Comes complete with flash tube, pilot bulb, keylight reflector, sync cable, power cord and extra fuses.