Additional Terms for franking machines to Credit Lock system and various machines from us

Terms of Credit Lock system and connections:

Credit Lock system is the new billing method by Post Denmark has introduced, which is mandatory for all franking machines. Credit Lock franking machines must be connected Credit Lock system. The connection is via a context where franking machines download postage money and deliver statistics to Post Denmark. Since it only takes about. 3 min. to make the transaction, and you can share the connection with other devices such. Internet, fax, phone, credit card machines or alarm, but you should be aware that there may be problems if there is much electronic noise (data noise) on the connection or a bad connection as Credit Lock requires high security as cash flow slides smoothly. If the connection is not serviceable, PT MAIL together with you remedy this problem either through our IT services company (Leono) or via your normal supplier relationship. If, in connection with an installation at the installation site possibly being installed equipment that is inconsistent with the installation address policies PT MAIL no responsibility therefor. PT MAIL consider acceptance of installation, as an endorsement of that equipment. If, in connection with installation is not open to the connection (including OPENING ports in the firewall / protection filters) at the installation site, any extra personnel hours and troubleshooting will be billed to the normal hourly rate.


PT MAIL repair faults in machinery and equipment and accessories that are purchased from PT MAIL in accordance with the applicable warranty or service agreement. All franking machines are tested for mechanical defects and caller errors in the delivery of PT MAIL - ie. that all machines have rung up correctly via a connection, and there have been test print of the machine. Troubleshooting is generally within the PT MAIL's hours and if necessary an engineer visit the customer shall, where necessary, to help solve problems that are machine irrelevant example. connections and equipment belonging to customers. If the reported error is not due PT MAIL's equipment, the customer is obliged to cover all expenses PT MAIL has had in the notification.

What do I do if there is no connection to Credit Lock:

the connection is connected to the machine.

the connection is connected to the plug either into the wall or other equipment eg. router, switch, fax, etc.

is 0 in front of the phone number used to call and this is not programmed in the machine must be carried out first.

there have been changes of the connection since the last contact.

is all right it might queue on connection because a lot of the contact system at the same time, and it can sometimes cause some bottlenecks at certain times of the month, if it is so you have to be patient and contact system later.

is anything tried contact PT MAIL telephone for help.


may not make copies of the franking imprint, or sent test prints without value. This is illegal and will be prosecuted.

Electrical / Power cord:

PT MAIL's machinery and equipment / installations must use an approved power cord (mainline). All PT MAIL's machinery and equipment / installations must also be grounded. The wires to the machines / equipment / installation shall not pass over sharp edges or be jammed. Therefore, make sure that there are no loads on the wires. The wires do not expose to push or pull. If liquids are spilled, leaking or overflowing the wires immediately taken out of the socket. Subsequently seek the immediate assistance from PT MAIL.

Compensation / damages:

PT MAIL shall not compensate or substitute for conditions that are outside the PT MAIL's control including delivery problems from suppliers and errors encountered by improper use or weather conditions which had an impact on the living subject's technical condition and impact on other equipment. There will be no compensation or damages if the Credit Lock system does not work.